samedi 19 mai 2012

la monnaie

1 ¥ (Yuan) - formel
1 ¥ (Yuan) - oral 一块kuài
10 centimes - formel 一角jiǎo
10 centimes - oral 一毛 máo
1 centime 一分 fēn
On utilisera la forme plus formelle dans les documents officiels principalement.

Utilisation de 每 (chaque)

En général on utilise 每 (měi) + classificateur + nom

Mais pour le temps il y a des exceptions, on doit (ou on peut) omettre le classificateur.

Chaque année
Chaque mois 每(个)月
měi( ) yuè
Chaque jour 每天
Chaque heure 每(个)小时 měi (gè) xiǎoshí
Chaque minute 每分钟 měi fēnzhōng
Chaque seconde 美秒 měi miǎo

Pareil pour chaque personne : 每(个)人 měi( ) rén

Par ex one peut dire 天1 欧元 (měirén měitiān 1 Ōuyuán) signifie 1 € par jour et par personne (synopsis de Pékin Express).

lundi 7 mai 2012

How to spend IP and RP

We only get so many Influence Points per game, and we have to buy our Riot Points with real money, so I took some time to figure out the best way to spend them.

You can vote for this guide on mobafire if you like it.


For the adepts of the tl;dr ...

I would use IP mostly for :

  • runes
  • Heroic and Epic champions
  • Legendary Champions when I have all my runes

and RP for :

  • 3 rune pages
  • Legendary Champions
  • per day IP boosts (if I plan to win more than 6 normal games in a single day, or 10 games in 3 days)


Champions cost range from 450 IP to 6300 IP or from 260 RP to 975 RP.
But the ratio for a Heroic champion is 1.73 RP/IP and for a Legendary champion at 6300 IP the ratio is 6.46 ! (source)

So I will buy Heroic and Epic champions with IP, and Legendary champions with RP.
I will assume next that a reasonnable conversion ratio is 3 IP for 1 RP.

Rune pages

1 rune page costs 6300 IP or 590 RP (ratio 10.7)
7 rune pages cost 7*6300 IP or 2600 RP (ratio 17)

So I will definitively buy rune pages with RP.

The 7 rune pages bundle is prices as 4.4 single rune pages (in RP). Since I think 5 total pages is enough (1 for each major role (AP mid, carry AD, support, top bruiser, tank jungler) I will only buy 3 additional rune pages for 1770 RP.

IP boosts

Per win IP boost

When playing normal games, an IP boosts gives about 144 additional IP per game. (source)
A 4 wins IP boosts, costing 290 RP thus brings about 576 IP for a ratio of 2.
A 10 wins IP boosts, costing 670 RP thus brings about 1440 IP for a ratio of 2.15.
Since this is much lower than 3, I prefer to spend my RP buying rune pages or Legendary champions than IP boosts. 
The only situation I would buy these IP boosts is if I would really need to buy runes, since they can only be paid in IP.

Per day IP boost

They cost 290 RP for 1 day, 520 RP for 3 days, 1846 RP for 14 days.
In order to get a IP per RP ratio of 3, you need to get :
  • 6 wins in 1 day
  • 11 wins in 3 days (3.6 wins/day)
  • 39 wins in 14 days (2.75 wins/day)

Buying RP with €uros

Since there is not much difference (about 3%), I will only buy what I need instead of committing 50€ to this game.